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About the Supervisor

How does Supervision work?

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While each supervision relationship is different this section gives you an idea on what is involved:

How do I get started?
Contact Fruitful Coaching to arrange a free consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to give you an experience of what it feels like to work with me, to answer any questions you might have and for both of us to decide whether we would like to continue working together.

I offer one on one and group supervision in person, over the telephone and via Skype. The duration can be between 30 minutes and several hours. Telephone group supervision is limited to 4 participants, in person group supervision is limited to 10 participants.

How often?

Many coaches find it beneficial to have supervision on a regular (every four to six weeks) and ongoing basis. Working with you regularly over time enables me to spot potential patterns in your behaviour, to feedback themes I might notice over time and to work with you on immediate needs as well as your long-term development goals. Moreover, buyers of coaching increasingly demand coaches who engage in supervision as part of their commitment to effective, ethical and safe working practices.

What you bring to sessions is entirely confidential. I ask participants of group supervision to sign a separate confidentiality agreement to ensure that everybody feels safe.

What happens in a typical first session?
Part of the first session is an in-depth discussion on how we are going to work together. This includes understanding how you best learn, how I can be most effective in facilitating your progress and how you and I know that supervision is useful for you.  We will agree on the outcomes to be achieved through supervision and how and when we review them.  We will clarify our roles, responsibilities and ways of providing feedback. I strongly believe that a clear contract creates the freedom for both of us to fully be ourselves and to focus on what is most important and productive for you.

Preparation for supervision sessions

I expect you to prepare a topic for each supervision session. Topics can include anything from specific client situations to observations across your coaching practice.