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«When I got a career defining job opportunity in a highly complex organisation, I realised this was a challenge I wouldn’t be able to master on my own. Maren helped me to cut through the noise. We first defined my goals with clear, aligned priorities. In six sessions, Maren guided me to effectively recalibrate and achieve these priorities. Together, we developed strategies that helped me to fully occupy my space in the new organisation and role. Our work has had a significant impact on my success. I've not only achieved all my goals but she filled my toolkit to adjust some old habits and embrace positive new behaviours that propel me and my team to the next level. I highly recommend Maren as a coach.» Malte Kaub, PwC London

«Maren has been a wonderful coach for me - she brings a great blend of personal warmth and professionalism that has helped me to find answers to some of my major challenges. Maren displays many of the paradoxical qualities associated with world-class coaching - she does not try to find answers and yet they are found, she is happy with apparently not doing much and yet a lot gets done, she has embodied absolute faith in me as her client, and has been true to my process, and yet she has kept the process on track. Our work together has made a significant difference to what I believe is possible, shifting some old habits and establishing new courage, new habits and new commitment to what I can now do with my life. I can thoroughly recommend Maren as a coach. Thanks, Maren!» Dr Alister Scott, United Kingdom

«Maren Donata Urschel has the rare ability to listen to, and understand, complex personnel issues and to provide immediate and clear advice on ways in which the challenges of managing people can be met. She also has the skill of asking further questions which draw out solutions from your own thought processes, rather than feeding you answers herself. Maren’s own experience as an accomplished amateur musician also adds greatly to her understanding of the issues facing a 21st-century professional orchestra. I have benefited greatly from her guidance and have no hesitation in commending her unreservedly to others.» Chief Executive, Major London Orchestra

«Maren coached me during a period of intense creativity as I developed a new business opportunity. During this time I needed to explore various ideas and weigh up options. Maren agreed to challenge my thinking and help me become more clear-minded and articulate on my purpose and methods. She responded to my request for space and time to explore and discover exactly what I was trying to achieve, but also kept up with me when I was in “full flow”. When I was veering away from my own agenda she reminded me of my original goals and encouraged me to make a deliberate choice rather than drift. Over four sessions I made significant progress and now feel much more confident about my next steps.» Michele Duke, Owner Women in the Black

«I started receiving coaching from Maren when I felt my career had hit a ‘brick wall.’ With her guidance and support, I was able to take concrete steps towards finding a new path. Maren helped me on this journey through careful questioning. She often challenged my assumptions and encouraged me to research my options as well as gaining real life experience of roles I’m interested in. Ultimately I came to a point of clarity; where I’m confident of the career move I want to make and certain of the steps that will take me there.» Production Executive, Publishing

«Working with Maren as my coach has indeed been a 'fruitful' experience for me. Maren holds strong boundaries which created a safe capsule of time and space for me to really meet myself and to access wisdom that was ready to emerge. She honoured my need to work creatively and intuitively . She held my metaphors and engaged with fledgling ideas in a most respectful and loving way. Her insights, always drawn from her deep listening, allowed me to hear the still small voice within myself. Maren is a midwife to transformation and I would highly recommend her to any potential clients.» Monica Ross, Transpersonal Executive Coach and Coaching Supervisor

«I received coaching from Maren during two months in 2008. Her demeanour as a coach was unruffled and calm no matter what was being discussed; this went a very long way towards helping the dust settle and the real issues become very clear, which in turn made the steps to be taken next immediately evident. Her interventions always generated clarity, as well as a light hearted certainty that all would be well! Her faith and respect to the coaching process is unwavering which facilitated the establishment of trust between us, itself allowing any subject to be discussed without hesitation.» Dr. S. Jeropoulos, S. Ch. Jeropoulos Maritime & Co LTD

«Maren really helped me to become aware of the options open to me as I worked on a plan to develop a new activity within the large organisation I work in. Through her strong listening and questioning skills she kept me focused and helped me see clearly the path I should take. She both supported and challenged me throughout the sessions and as a result I came away with a plan which I have since been able to execute successfully.» Bill Stephenson, Essex

«Maren's coaching brought amazing results for me. I believe it’s a combination of her great listening skills, a sharp sensitivity and intuition as well as her direct communication that enabled me to grow tremendously during the coaching I had with Maren.» Mounir Salib, Hewlett Packard, EMEA Consumer Marketing

«I found Maren to be a very attentive, interested listener with whom I quickly felt at ease. She has a warm, friendly character that reflects in her coaching and as a result I felt I could trust her implicitly, which was important to me. I felt she journeyed with me as I explored the issues I had before me. Her listening led her to ask simple yet purposeful questions with a gentle directness that provided helpful shape, clarity and practical direction to those issues. I enjoyed having Maren as my coach and have no hesitation in commending her to potential clients.» Julian Staniforth, Finance Director Teletext