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What do I get out of Coaching?

Role of Client and Coach

How does Coaching work?

What Coaching is not


Openness, clarity, honesty and mutual trust is the foundation of a fruitful partnership in service of your needs and outcomes.

Role of the Client
You are the conductor of your life, you hold the baton, you choose what you want to bring to coaching. You design the optimum conditions for your own growth and development. For instance, you may want your coach to sit in the audience  or stand  next to  you  on


the podium, you may want feedback on how you come across or on what it sounds like, you may want encouragement or challenge – whatever your needs are, the clearer you articulate them, the more you will get out of coaching. Supported through the coaching process you generate ideas, make choices and take action. This may involve that you experiment with your new insights between coaching sessions.


Role of the Coach
The coach is responsible for facilitating the process of your growth and development. The coach creates a safe, confidential space in which you can voice and reflect on whatever is on your mind without being judged or evaluated. The coach keeps your interests at heart and uses the agenda you bring as a compass for navigating through each coaching session. Depending on your needs the coach uses a mixture of listening, reflecting back, asking questions, challenging and supporting you to enable you to generate ideas, make choices and take action with confidence.