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What do I get out of Coaching?

Role of Client and Coach

How does Coaching work?

What Coaching is not


While each coaching engagement is different this section gives you an idea on what is involved:

How do I get started?
Contact Fruitful Coaching to arrange a free initial phone consultation. The purpose of this conversation is to get to know each other, to discuss what you want to get out of coaching, how coaching might be able to help you and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We then determine whether we both feel that we are a good “fit” for working through your agenda.

How long and how often?
It depends on what works for you. Sessions can last anything from 30 minutes to several hours. You can choose between one off and a series of sessions. The frequency can be anything from weekly to bi-monthly.

You can choose between face to face and telephone coaching sessions or a combination of the two. Fruitful Coaching offers face to face sessions in Ticino, Italy, Germany and the UK. 

Is it confidential?
What you bring to sessions is entirely confidential. I will ask participants of team and group coaching to sign a separate confidentiality agreement.

What happens in a typical first session?
Part of the first session is an in-depth discussion on how we are going to work together. We will also agree on the outcomes to be achieved through coaching and how to measure them. We will clarify issues such as cancellations and what if either of us wishes to end the coaching relationship. Being clear on outcomes, the nature of our relationship and logistics enables both of us to be at our best during our time together.

What happens between sessions?
You may experiment with new insights, attitudes and behaviours between sessions. Whatever you learn and experience provides useful data for our next session as we can review what worked and what didn’t and discuss a way to proceed.

What happens in group or team coaching?

In group and team coaching the same principles as in one on one coaching apply. We start with a telephone consultation to assess whether working together is a good "fit" for what you are looking for. We contract for how we are going to work together and we clarify what each group or team member would like to get out of coaching. Between coaching sessions participants will experiment with new behaviours, attitudes and insights and there might be additional one on one coaching sessions depending on your needs.