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finding your place in a new place


Congratulations, you have been hired for the big job and are ready to make a real difference to the organisation.

The first few months are a crucial time in a new role.



The challenge - Interviews and job-descriptions only represent a fraction of the reality you are going to find yourself in. Often people start with great enthusiasm only to find bottlenecks in decision making and in effectively collaborating with new colleagues and stakeholders. Without anyone to confide in, they start acting on assumptions of what is expected of them rather than fully stepping into their role and authentically leading from a place of clarity.

The solution - Investing in a coach during the first few months in your new role enables you to proactively manage your transition and settle in more quickly. Fruitful Transitions supports you in achieving the following outcomes:

  • Fully occupy your place in the organisation
  • Invest your energy into the things you can influence (rather than the things you can’t)
  • Draw boundaries to enable yourself and others to work effectively
  • Lead with authenticity and impact
  • Use your strengths to your best advantage


What clients say

«When I got a career defining job opportunity in a highly complex organisation, I realised this was a challenge I wouldn’t be able to master on my own. Maren helped me to cut through the noise. We first defined my goals with clear, aligned priorities. In six sessions, Maren guided me to effectively recalibrate and achieve these priorities. Together, we developed strategies that helped me to fully occupy my space in the new organisation and role. Our work has had a significant impact on my success. I've not only achieved all my goals but she filled my toolkit to adjust some old habits and embrace positive new behaviours that propel me and my team to the next level. I highly recommend Maren as a coach.»

Malte Kaub, PwC London

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